RESTful services using Go and OpenAPI

By leveraging the power of Go, a statically-typed language known for its simplicity, speed, and concurrency support, I can create high-performance APIs that handle concurrent requests efficiently, scale effortlessly and at the same time adhere to industry standards.


Are you currently operating a Kubernetes cluster within your infrastructure or considering migrating to Kubernetes? In either scenario, my expertise in Kubernetes can greatly assist you in efficiently deploying, scaling, and managing microservices using a declarative approach. I specialize in harnessing the full potential of Kubernetes to construct and maintain resilient microservice architectures.

Inter-microservice communication using gRPC

In today's distributed systems landscape, microservices have become a popular architectural pattern due to their scalability, flexibility, and ease of development. However, effective communication between these services is crucial for the overall success of a microservices-based application.

My offerings include: understanding your current architecture and improving upon it by implementing gRPC based communication using protocol buffers as a data exchange format.

Deploying your application

To ensure your customers can access and utilize your beautiful application, it is crucial to deploy it on the cloud. I am here to provide assistance in deploying your applications to AWS. My services include:

  • Provision EC2 instance in a way that adheres to security best-practices.
  • Containerize application. If you have multiple services, I will deploy a NGINX reverse proxy to efficiently route traffic between these different applications.
  • Configure DNS


  1. Automatic builds and deployment (CI/CD) using GitHub actions:

    • Implement continuous integration and deployment pipelines using GitHub actions.
    • Automate build, test, and deployment processes to accelerate software delivery.
  2. Management automation with Ansible:

    • Employ Ansible to automate management tasks across your infrastructure.
    • Simplify and standardize configuration management, system provisioning, and application deployment.