I'm Murtaza Udaipurwala

A Full-Stack Engineer

If you're seeking technical assistance or have a job vacancy, please feel free to contact me.

About Me

Architecting resilient systems for uninterrupted digital experiences.

I enjoy building things and exploring new technologies. While I'm not an expert in everything, I'm a fast and practical learner. I specialize in programming with Go (Golang). Additionally, I work as a freelancer on Upwork. If you require assistance or have a job vacancy, feel free to reach out to me.

Here is a list of technologies I have experience with:

  • Go (Golang)
  • AWS
  • NixOS
  • gRPC
  • Docker & Kubernetes
  • SvelteKit + TailwindCSS
  • Auth0

Recent Projects

Contact Me

E-Mail murtaza@murtazau.xyz
Twitter murtaza_u_
Linkedin murtaza-u
Mastodon @hachyderm.io/murtaza
GitHub murtaza-u
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